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IT looks like the financial year to December 2012 is one that will end with an avoidable loss of sorts for Evans Medical PLC. Ironically, the stage set by direct costs did not have that in view but then, that is why the whole thing could have been avoided or can still be curtailed.

According to the figures for the first nine months of the year released to the Nigerian Stock market recently, Evans Medical is admittedly finding it pretty tough growing turnover so far but that is neither here nor there. At least, in the end, overall income rose by 1.93 per cent within the period from N3447.7m at the same time in 2011 to N3514.2m.

FORGIVE the pun in the above title but truly, for NCR Nigeria PLC, this financial year is likely to end with dashed high hopes because all the gains from business growth and internal sacrifices are being swallowed by one baboon called cost of sales.  That is given the situation presented by the figures released to the stock market recently for the third quarter do indicate clearly.

The very first thing that hits you when you glance at the figures is the fact that NCR's turnover took a very great leap within the period. Compared to the turnover of N1612m by September 2011, it more than doubled to N4045m representing a very comfortable 150.9 per cent growth. On the surface, that is because that is not all.

IT is possible that if the trend to September 2012 continues till the end of the financial year, Cadbury Nigeria PLC may end up with slight drop in turnover but not to worry,  it will not be life threatening because the company appears to be riding the crest with two things: relatively good grip and windfall.

According to the third quarter figures to September, released to the Stock Exchange recently,  there has been a slight drop in the company's turnover for the period by 2.39 per cent. It closed the quarter at N24082m as against N24671m at the same time in 2011.

IN the financial year to December 2012, it looks most certain that UAC of Nigeria PLC, the veteran conglomerate, is heading for better finish when compared to 2011 financial year but it will be purely because it is in good control of its boot strings.

According to them figures for the third quarter released to the Stock Exchange late October,  UACN is winning a good battle against direct costs but losing to indirect ones and still hoping to breast with higher distributable profit and of course, profit margin. In other words, the key to the conglomerates fortunes in 2012 can be found in its good control of direct costs as represented by cost of sales leading to a growth rate far below the one recorded in gross income within the period.

GUINNESS Nigeria PLC may end the current financial year by this month end with not too pleasant memories. From the figures released so far by the Directors to the stock market, the company is under pressure and most certainly may end the year with not fantastic growth in turnover; even lower growth in profit before tax and very stretched liquidity position. Not the kind of year the company is known for at all.

From the figures, the signs were there by the half year and then, grew worse by the third quarter's end and now, it probably will take a miracle to close the year near what was achieved in 2011 financial year, especially in terms of returns on business done.

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