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CUTIX Plc looks set to end the current financial year with new highs all round. According to the figures for the nine months to January 2013 released to the Stock exchange recently, its profit margin has almost doubled and indeed, should close the year on a still higher level.

The good news was that Cutix not only grew its core business turnover within the period, but that it did it ahead of growth recorded in all cost heads. On the one hand, core business revenue grew by 20.9 per cent to N1410.6m from N1166.5m, well head of what was recorded in all costs.

IT looks like financial year 2013 will end for Flour Mills with a strong message to rethink strategy or reengineer its portfolio. In recent years, the company has delved into so many other areas related to or not too distant from its core business of flour milling while continuing to play the big brother  to many flour mills across the country. Well. Is this paying off well?

This is hard to say for now given the figures for the nine months to December 2012 release recently to the Nigerian stock exchange. But one thing is sure: One great help so far was that investment income took a great leap within the period even as core business turnover barely grew and income from other sources dropped.

WHEN the shareholders of Guinness Nigeria PLC last met on November 2, 2012 to review financial year June 2012, Board Chairman was emphatic that the times remain very trying for the beer industry. Customers, he said, were hard hit by the partial removal of subsidy in January;  Naira depreciation  and higher inflation rate.  Thus they had less to spend and beer was naturally one of those products many chose to do without.

The resultant effect, he said, was that market sales volume dropped by 7.4 per cent while the drop in value was only by 0.6 per cent apparently because of the industry's ability to recover some of the pressures on cost from the same depressing factors and security concerns across the nation which impacted negatively on distribution and other costs.

CHELLARAMS Plc is also not free from the burden of finance cost that looms large for many companies. In its case though, there does not seem to be much to cushion the impact. Or so, figures for the nine months to December 2012 sent to the exchange recently indicate quite clearly.

For one, turnover from core business dropped by 9.31per cent within the period from N19194.5m to N17406.6m. Income from other sources grew rather strongly by 96.6 per cent to help stabilise this but involved was just a minor part of the company's total business done. This income had chipped in N228.7m within the nine months compared to N116.3m previously.

SOMETIMES, it is quite interesting spending time studying the daily official list of the Nigerian Stock Exchange.  Of course, discerning investors do this everyday but mainly to quickly check for price movements; data updates and deals recorded, in equities and stocks of interest.

However, it is rare for even discerning investors to spend quality time just studying the list itself as a source of facts and figures on which different people across the nation, and indeed, beyond, base  their investment decisions. In the case of interested parties like this writer with no active involvement in stock trading, the tendency always is to do quick analysis and draw deductions while focussing particularly on any area of fancy.

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