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The golden era of Peter Obi

PETER OBI's two-term tenure as Governor of Anambra State is over today, and Chief Willy Obiano replaces him. We dare repeat the undying dictum veni, vedi, vici (I came, I saw, I conquered) coined by Julius Caesar, then Emperor of Rome, in 47 BC, to describe the astonishing feat achieved by Governor Peter Obi in Anambra State within a period of eight years (2006-2014).
As Governor Peter Obi vacates the Anambra State Government House today, Monday, March 16, 2014, after spending eight glorious and fruitful years in office, we are glad that such a man, Peter Obi, is a Nigerian; a rarity! As a governor, he was cool-headed, disciplined, focused and calculating. His unswerving focus was the socio-economic development of a State devastated by political rascality. Subjecting himself to Spartan self-discipline throughout his tenure, Peter Obi, as it were, resuscitated the moribund and decayed infrastructural facilities in Anambra State. When he passes the baton to his successor this morning, Anambra State would be boasting of Appian ways from the West to the East and from the North to the South of the State, and if Obi's assertion is anything to go by, Anambra State Treasury would be smiling at Chief Obiano with about N75 billion in it. That Peter Obi was able to develop Anambra State infrastructurally, socially and economically, bringing Anambra State close to any of the States in the developed world, and still able to leave behind him a buoyant Treasury, is a feat hitherto unsurpassed by any elected official either at the State or Federal level.
“I have worn one belt and one wrist watch for thirteen years because they serve my need”, Governor Peter Obi was quoted to have said. That, we are persuaded, could only be the attitude of a shrewd and prudent elected official whose special attention was service, not rulership or ownership of personal jets. He travelled in the economy class of commercial aircraft. In a country where arrogance, flamboyance, malfeasance, nonfeasance and misfeasance reign supreme, Peter Obi is easily a comforting oasis in a desert of impunity, graft, incompetence and primitive wealth acquisition.
But all that makes the task ahead for Governor Obiano very burdensome.  Obiano has to put his best legs foremost to consolidate, and improve on, what Peter Obi achieved even in his first term of four years. Obiano must do this with a single mind, shunning, however, the only negative aspect of Obi's achievements, namely, the rearing and literally installing his godson as his successor, thereby sustaining the odious ogre of god-fatherism in Nigeria. Other than that, Peter Obi is a beacon light of hope for the younger generation.
As a governor, Obi was forthright, humble, prudent and public-spirited. As governor, elected on the platform of the All-Progressive Grand Alliance (APGA), Obi was the very quintessence of bipartisanship; he did not allow political differences between his party and other parties, particularly the ruling party at the centre, to obscure the need for bipartisan cooperation. It is crystal clear that peace dominates his world-view, not politics of “do or die”. Doubtless, this commendable trait, which characterizes him, has recommended him to the central government that now angles for him.
As 2015 approaches, we urge all in-coming governors and other elected officials to follow after the footsteps of Peter Obi so they can leave their positions better than they met them.

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