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RIVERS STATE is gradually derailing from democracy and rapidly sliding into a state of anarchy, where illegalities are the order of the day. Not a few stakeholders believe that the crises in Rivers State do not dovetail into the people's desire for better governance as they derive from the inordinate ambition for power. The crises


UNIVERSALLY, leadership is associated with responsibilities to deliver on public expectations, which, in turn, generate responses from the people through the feedback loop mechanism within the community.

IT is curious that a team, under aegis of Good Governance, comprising of political and state actors, as well as non-state actors, who include professionals and seasoned administrators,  has, in the past few weeks, embarked on projects inspection in various states of the federation. The team has been visiting project sites and ascertaining developmental policies of the various tiers of government  federal and states; by extension local governments, possibly to ameliorate government/citizens relations across the country.

THERE are some fundamental issues the newly emerged political party, All Progressives Congress (APC), has to address, in addition to its registration by INEC, before it can  make any progress, if it will.

With the 68 political parties in Nigeria before the INEC de-registered 28 of them, the alliance came almost too late. In a test-run exercise of the newly-won democracy in Nigeria, alignments and re-alignments of political parties have to occur if they must be relevant in promoting 'the government by the people, for the people and of the people'.  

IN a civilized world, some of the atrocities plaguing the country today would have been professionally resolved in a record time before it turned into an uncontrollable monster, with no lasting solutions to the issues. The mystery of about thirty unidentified bodies dumped in horror areas of Ezu-River, between Enugu and Anambra State, early February 2013, a river unknown in the geography of Nigeria, is one of the most embarrassing incidents in Nigeria. Ironically, the country has degenerated into a callous assembly of heartless behaviours under the watch of those at the helm of power in Nigeria. 

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