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Finding your place

ALL force and struggle they say is a sign of ignorance and this cannot be far from the truth because all struggle and force are all born out of ignorance on the part of the person struggling for one cannot truly struggle against the very nature of a thing and hope to succeed.

We all know that a man that knows his place knows no struggle and neither does he exert force in accomplishing all that he desires to accomplish for life itself is quick to carter to his every need, holding his hand till he gets to his desired destination. However the question that many often ask themselves is where is their place in life and how do they find it? 

Benjamin Disraeli said that man is not a creature of circumstance rather circumstances are the creatures of men and if this is true then it is safe to put forward that in the same vein that if man is note a creature of circumstance so he cannot be a creature of time and place. This in my view sufficiently settles the question of one finding his or her place in life however I would like to dilate upon it a little.

Growing up till date a lot of us have subconsciously or consciously adopted the adage that life is greener on the other side hence we tend to think that doing something or being somewhere else other than where we are at the moment is how our life would get better and then we end up chasing an elusive something that would make our lives better. And man not knowing anything better is constantly in search of that place where the grass is greener, where he his mind is every at rest and there is more than enough to fill his belly.

In truth the grass is not greener anywhere other than here and if it seems as though the grass on the other side is greener it is because the person or people over there found it joyful and pleasant to be there.  Not because there is great wealth and abundance there and the grasses are evergreen but because they know either consciously or unconsciously that where they are is the right place for them to be at this point in time and diligently applied themselves; the totality of being (I use this term to denote the thought that they did not only physical effort but their attitude of mind was sound and definitive and it was the attitude of mind that yielded to them).  The average man knowing nothing of the attitude of mind, sees things on the surface, he sees 'fated' outcome and takes these outcomes as the only really phenomenon and he is quick to apply himself in the same regards but it yields him little.

We must understand that all is for man and man for nothing and hence you and I can never in the true sense be victims or creatures of circumstances. For although it may appear that we are victims of circumstances but in the true sense of it we are victims and creatures of self and consequently  our place in life is right where we are at this moment and at this point in time.

What makes a difference in the outcome of our life and what would gladden our heart and give us joy and peace of mind and an unwavering confidence is not going from place to place in search of greener grass or better jobs or a better education or a bigger house or the latest fast car or clothes and all, what really counts is the attitude of mind, the mental attitude; your inner metal chemistry and thought-imagination-emotional affinity. It is this that enables a man to walk with an aura and confidence that commands success and as a result of his mental wholeness he no longer walks in darkness and uncertainty but in light and certainty. Consequently regardless of what maybe happening around him, he knows without any shadow of doubt that his own is already is and he his surrounding is only as green as he desires it to be in this present moment.

• Samuel Ishichie writes from Lagos. Samuel is the CEO of the Mahomet Center  A personal and social development outfit with the aim of helping to understand the latent powers of the mind and propagating conscious social policies and systems. @Mahometcenter

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