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THE dawn of the 21st century brought a new means of connection with it  The Internet. This technology has enabled several individuals and businesses to achieve feats that physical boundaries never permitted. It might interest you to know that in the early 90's, 94% of businesses were conducted in physical premises however today over 50% of transactions are conducted online. These figures reflects the huge impact the internet is having on the way we communicate and transact.

The question is this: Are you ready?

As an individual, as a school, as a business, as a church….are you ready? The world is fast becoming a global village. A place were national boundaries no longer limit the businesses that can be conducted, the information that can be dispersed and the customers that can be reached.

MEET the pioneering staff of Nigeria Consulate Office Atlanta as opened in January 1981 from left Yusuf Baba, Francis Adeyemo, Femi Aje, Moses Ihonde(Consul), Chika Oramah, Anthony Anusiem(the first to arrive Dec 20, 1980), & Susan Dafe (not in the picture)

It was re-opened again in 1998 with late Ambassador Olisa Emeka, as the Consul General at a small office; we popularly referred to as Pent House, to usher-in a new Mission in the South. Olisa Emeka mobilized Nigerian leaders in Atlanta and was warmly received with the focus in making the office relevant in the community. May his gentle soul rest perfectly in the Lord! Amen!

FRIENDS, welcome to the First Edition of my Column in this prestigious National Daily Newspaper. Over the last few days, we saw the world, or let's say most of the worlds for those of you who voted or supported Mitt Romney  celebrate the inauguration of the re-election of President Barack Obama in Washington DC. No one can resist the charm of the Obamas, and indeed the charisma of His and Her Excellency, as we fondly call our Leaders in Nigeria. 

ONE of our readers succinctly stated “With your awareness of the problems in Nigeria and the role, the leaders play, why not formulate and initiate a workable solution for change, even a small one.” In other words, he wanted to know what needs to be done to make the Nigerian leaders responsive to their citizens' needs, since most Nigerians complain so much about their leaders. Surprisingly, this reader is failing to realize that the reform has to start with an average Nigerian in making their governments responsible, responsive, reliable, dependable, defensible, most especially it should start with Nigerians that reside outside the country. 

A man that cannot cry, and cannot laugh, will find it difficult to find empathy. Patriotism does not drive on empty, caring nation do something to show that care not empty exhortation. A friend once reminded me that “Patriotism does not drive on emptiness, caring nation do something to show they care, not an empty exhortation.” Nigerians never know what is right, until they are personally hit by a tragedy that hit their fellow Nigerians, and they remain indifferent.

The 5th position of Nigeria Police within the UN peace keeping forces, with its 20 peacekeeping missions since 1960, among the 130 UN police, is a good mark for Nigeria, but does not tally with its local reputation. All we know them for is notorious, in unresolved murders, political killings, and criminal tendencies.

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