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THE good news from the modern world that Barack Hussein Obama has been re-elected for the second term as the President of the United States of America is really good news, especially for the African leaders to rethink of their responsibilities to their people. The analysts were on the precipice that the election would be close; nonetheless, it is obvious that America politics has interestingly focused on issues.

Obama polled 303 Electoral votes and 56,249,290, that is, 50% of the popular votes. While his opponent, Mitt Romney polled 206 Electoral votes amounted to 54,804,177 votes making up of 49% of the popular votes.

Novice of American politics would be wondering how Obama won with the neck breaking of 50% to 49% of the popular vote. In the 2011 Nigeria Presidential election, PDP polled 22,495,187 votes, 58.89%; CPC polled 12,214,853; 31.98%; while ACN polled 5.41%. Its interpretations by the actors then still linger in the Nigeria community till today (November 2012), with the birth of Boko Haram.

Nigeria loves and admires good things; disappointingly, its leaders have not produced something of emulation except poverty, ethnic divide, religious bigotry, egocentric policies, and CORRUPTION.

Racism is becoming a thing of the past in the United States of America. The days of Feudalism, Monarchical, Despotic ruling is gradually ending in Nigeria. Do not get me wrong, discrimination is in human blood which shows in every race, even within the same ethnic group.

In this Century, racism or ethnicity should be used as a unifying factor in Nigeria, as America is nailing bigotry coffin. Obama is an original African. His election for the first time (2008) could be labelled as a mistake; or that America was not ready for a female President against Hillary Clinton, a Democrat; or America needed a younger generation in the White House as against McCain, a Republican.

The Chief Justice of Nigeria, Justice Aloma Muktar, refused to swear-in Ifeoma Jumbo-Ofo as a justice of the Court of Appeal because of her state of origin, with the excuse, that she is taking the slot meant for Abia. Ifeoma is originally from Anambra State, married to an Abia loving husband, a Nigerian. It is a way of desecrating the marriage norm that a female could not claim the State of her husband in Nigeria. It is another embarrassment and disgrace to the progress the world is making with the world becoming a global village, learning from Obama's re-election.

Ethnicity is still something that is dividing the country. The world is rapidly changing Nigerians are being treated like slaves in their own country while some Nigeria leaders consider themselves untouchables. The people need individual leaders that would address their issues with passion.

Being sportsmanship brings about progress. At the end of the exhaustive campaign from both sides, Romney, without mincing words, conceded in a sober tone. Romney stated, "I have just called President Obama to congratulate him on his victory. This is a time of great challenges to America, and I pray the president will be successful in guiding our nation. At a time like this, we can't risk partisan bickering and posturing.”

Mr Obama congratulated Mr Romney and Republican vice-presidential candidate Paul Ryan on their hard-fought campaign, stated that, "We have picked ourselves up, we have fought our way back and we know in our hearts that for the United States of America the best is yet to come, more determined, and more inspired than ever about the work there is to do, and the future that lies ahead. We are an American family and we rise and fall together as one nation. I will spend the rest of my presidency honoring your support, and doing what I can to finish what we started. Today is the clearest proof yet that, against the odds, ordinary Americans can overcome powerful interests. There's a lot more work to do. But for right now; thank you."

How many of Nigerian leaders would make such statements after an election?

PDP is advising the opposition parties to learn how to accept defeat, calling them bad losers. It is confusing to the students of American presidential system for PDP to be referring to opposing parties as opposition. There is no opposition party in the Presidential system.

Ignorantly, PDP also has determined to go to Court to challenge LP for winning the governorship election with its 28% of the votes as opposed to the LP 56 % of the total votes won by LP. Its fellow 'loser', ACN, collected 26% of the votes cast. PDP is in the same boat of being a bad loser that has refused to accept defeat in the October 2012 Ondo governorship election. 

The 'Enemies Within' assisted in the capture of the rodents for the ACN dinner; created an atmosphere of dislocating the foundation; based on the principles of 'your chicken spilled my coffee; I will definitely break its eggs' doctrine of Ogun politics.

Ironically, the vengeance agent is building on the opportunity created by the preceding administration, using Asian connection, on infrastructural development for an enabling future development. The corridor between Shagamu junction and Lagos State were abandoned until about eight years past, precisely in 2004 or 2005 when the jungle started opening up for development. The area is a corridor for economic integration and growth, while the progressives should be forward looking always.

ACN should come out clean and focus on the real issues in empowering poor Nigerians that are yearning for better life, not hiding on the invitation from the Democratic National Committee for the 2012 Democrat's Convention, Charlotte, North Carolina, in the United States. The point is that the ticket money, if that was the only donation from ACN, would go toward Obama's campaign re-election to the White House. If ACN should continue to slouch to the Nigerian community, its empire will crumble faster than his fellow, not too trusting, past leaders from the South West. 

LACK of sportsmanship approach of ACN and PDP on their loss at the October 20, 2012 Ondo State gubernatorial election is worrisome. The two political parties ought to have taken stock of their lapses against future elections and make amendments. The LP has learned its lessons by blocking the loopholes of moneybags politics of the election malpractices; or the 'do or die' stylish politics. 

THERE was the claim that the Democratic National Committee sent an invitation letter to the leader of the opposition party to attend Democrat 2012 convention in Charlotte, North Carolina, United States of America. Taking advantage of the openness of the electioneering campaigns in the United States, the ACN speciously sees itself as an internationally recognized Opposition party within the Presidential system in Nigeria.

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