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...A recurring shuttle

NIGERIANS have experienced a lot of pain and worries over the nation's leadership ill health and at times, death. Now, the turn of the First Lady of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Dame Patience Jonathan.

The First Lady returned to the Aso Rock Wednesday, October 17 at about 3.50pm after she left abruptly on the 28th August, 2012 when it was reported that she was flown to Germany for the treatment of an undisclosed ailment. The Presidency, including the Special Assistant on Media to the First Lady, Mr. Ayo Osinlu battled hard to keep the issue away from the curious public.

SOMETIMES some of the leaders in Yorubaland see themselves in a narrow confine of ethnicity, blinded away from borrowing from another ethnic group around the world thinking that their ethnic xenophobia is the best because of their narrow mind to an empty space.

IT is very sad that despite all the available advantages within ACN and CPC, the rhetoric of condemnation is the only thing we hear from their encampment. Nigerians are ravenous for new ideals from various quarters. However, not the ACN or CPC condemnation without any prescribed alternatives. Opposition is old and extraterrestrial in the modern world democracy. Their continuous attack on Jonathan administration makes it looks like ACN or CPC never stumbles, even by fielding Atiku for 2007 and Ribadu 2011 as its flag bearers, and the thrice failed Buhari as the generalissimo of Nigeria Presidential candidate. I doubt if confrontation or condemnation on the central government will work this time around.

WHATEVER Mimiko is doing in Ondo State, it is in the interest of the community he is serving, by addressing the needs of the State. That is a good leader with ambition, which is, the desire to lead the people. If a leader does not have ambition, he will end up at ground zero. Anyone with an ambition will have a clear vision of a better future for his community.

No progressively minded individual will concur that Mimiko is dancing outside the box of regional integration of the South West Zone. If his style of dancing is different from others, while still dancing to the same tune of music being played by the South West Zone, it is unfair to tag his ambition as above Regional integration. We all hear the same music and our styles of dancing cannot be the same. If an actor wants some resources to make the music sound better with new technology, because you don't like his style of dancing, and you prevented him from getting the resources, while you approved it for another actor for being in your style of dancing, it is loutish. 

IT is an old saying that when certain plants cannot stand on their own, they grow besides stronger plants; otherwise they crawl on the ground. This might go with the follow up that when two plants twist against each other like yam leaves; it will not grow like iroko tree that stands firm on its own. What happens is the two plants will continue to struggle as to match up which of it would grow taller to catch up with Iroko Tree.

We might turn the whole episode to the farmer who grows the plants, both weak and strong, and still nurture them to smarten his farm. Unless the farmer decides which of the plants he wants on his farm, the decision to survive depends on the farmer. 

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