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President needs NASS concurrence for Sanusi's suspension —Barr. Wahab Shittu

THE recent suspension of the apex bank boss by President Goodluck Jonathan over alleged financial recklessness has been described as a shoddy act void of any legal framework.
Speaking with newsmen at his office in Lagos yesterday, Barrister Wahab Shittu, a lawyer cum activist and teacher of law at the prestigious University of Lagos, noted that, “The suspension of the Central Bank of Nigeria's boss is defective in that the CBN act gives the President the power to appoint and remove a CBN Governor subject to the concurrence of the two-third of  the National Assembly. The law is silent on whether the President has the right to suspend but by virtue of CBN act, disciplinary actions ought to have the concurrence of the senate, this application subject to the lack of contrary options in the enabled status, CBN act envisages all actions by CBN governor needed NASS concurrence.
“ The suspension of Sanusi is not a legal decision but political, he was sacrificed on the altar of political expediency owing to the thinking of the government that the CBN Governor has assumed a prominent opposing stance via all disclosure made available to the public which is largely embarrassing to the government,” Shittu stated.
He counseled that Sanusi case need to be addressed on merit and treated dispassionately to unravel what is behind the scene bothering both parties.
On the delegate selection to the confab, Shittu maintained that he has some misgivings for the whole process though not bothering on its desirability, but that the delegation does not really reflect all tendencies, stakeholders and categories of persons who have a voice.
“I have my fears about the conference, as some people who ought to have a voice and substantial position are already declining participation at the conference; the likes of Tinubu who has mass followership, also I doubt how the conference can be organized simultaneously with the electoral process and still maintain a focused participants, the final outcome in the absence of a legislative process to kick start it, the sidelining of the need for referendum and plebiscite is also a grey area that gives cause for worry.” Barr Shittu reiterated.
Shittu noted that the confab will address the following national questions: what should be the appropriate political structure of the country; the appropriate constitutional structure for the country and the root cause of rivalry between the ethnic nationalities.

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