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... How to remember  the  Duchess.

ANOTHER loss. Like a tradition many rumor and numerous version of tales regarding the life, death details and dug up facts of     Mrs. Harvey enjoyed incessant postings and broadcasts.

Another sudden death. Like we have always done. Its time to show love and respect to the one that was deliberately branded 'Nigeria's Lady Gaga'.

Sadly, except for selected paid PR, Susan Oluwabimpe Filani Harvey wasn't celebrated like she ought to. She was constantly being criticized for many things even as she gallantly strode in her vision and art. She wanted to be a renowned music superstar, that's what the media and controversial music followers constantly battled her for. 

IJE'S director, Chinezie Anyaene, is currently fuming in rage against Nollywood "stakeholders", whom she claims are denying her the deserved honor. She took to social media to vent her displeasure, saying ; "Nigerians  hate to give honor to whom honor is due. Do I have to be old and grey before I am appreciated."

The director whose work, Ije is the highest grossing Nigeria film on Nigeria cinemas explained her bitterness "Some Nollywood "stakeholders" use the statics/success story of IJE to move from one government office to another getting grants and funds yet disregarding the Brain behind the success".

She went further to say Ije was just a student project , stressing how she came, saw, and conquered. While at the same time promising to be back, better and stronger.

She signed off with her statement;

"Their Mediocrity will always try to drag excellence down to its level. Will not trade my superiority for their inferiority".

John-Rogers Chuks, well known as GUVNOR  is a comedian of the federal republic of Nigeria. A fun personified,a lover of Naija, MC, Comedian and an Entertainer extra-ordinary. He talks to Ediale Kingsley about his trade and the seven years work relationship with Alibaba. Excerpts.

HOW did you become a comedian?
Comedy for me is second nature, people are born with a funny bone or a great sense of humour. I fall into that category.

I was fortunate to be introduced to the arts at a very tender age. Primary school to be precise. And I grew with it. But I could not tell my parent that the first Boy they had in seven sisters wanted to leave dignified professions for performing arts. Well that a full story for another day.

Emeka Smith hails from the same home town with Stephen Keshi, that is a place called Ila in Delta State. Like Keshi, Smith has made his mark in Nigeria and Africa. His hustle is Comedy and he takes Ediale Kingsley through the Journey so far. Excerpts.

HOW did you become a comic baron?
Being a stand up comic has improved me in so many ways. I can remember when I was not yet in the stand up comedy industry, so many things I've achieved now couldn't happen then. Through comedy I've been able to meet a lot of big boys and ladies. You know how the saying goes that your talent will take you to the palace and you'll dine with kings; to be honest, I am dining with kings. Socially, morally, financially, educationally it has improved my life.

Lara George, one quarter of the sensational defunct group, KUSH, chats with Ediale Kingsley .  The inspirational artiste, Lara George, was born in Lagos, Nigeria as the fourth of five children to Mr. and Mrs. Oluwole Bajomo. She began her musical journey in her alma mater school choir- Queens' College Yaba Lagos- where she was first given the opportunity to take a lead role in a song. Years later, Lara has transformed into the professional whose inspirational style of delivery has helped define the new sound and direction of Nigerian music. While studying Architecture at the University of Lagos Akoka, Lara joined the fellowship music team on campus, where she met TY, Emem, and Dapo.

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