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Orange Crush

Compliment of season style lovers! Throughout fashion history, red lipstick in all its shades has been used by women of all ages, to bring out the vava-voom in their ensemble or personality. With the current style revolution sweeping the fashion industry, all things as we know it, is changing. Hence the over-throw of the red lipstick,

for the fab new Orange shade, currently the rage in all style scenes globally. Orange is the new red people!  The orange craze is not limited to just cosmetic but to fashion staples and outfit styling. Pairing Orange with pink seems to be the current favorite look of everyone, so when next you star at your style closet, wondering what outfit to wear to an event, or outing, have that in mind.
A pop of orange can be playful, striking, and sassy, in a variety of shades, flattering on many different skin tones.
Here are a few tips to keep in mind when wearing this trend.
1. Consider Your Skin Tone: If you have dark skin, its best to stick with oranges that contain a brown or deep red base. Medium and olive skin tones should opt for corals and reddish oranges.
2. Keep It Simple: when sporting an orange lipstick, it's best to keep the rest of your look subtle. Avoid colorful shadows and opt for a natural lid or a simple swipe of your favorite mascara.

3. Go Matte: Get the bold impact without the smudge by opting for a matte lip.


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