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The Fashion highs and lows 2012

THE Nigerian fashion industry, still a toddler, compared to the fashion industries of several nations world wide, recorded unprecedented strides in terms of mega exposure globally and creativity this year. From the Iteun Basi astonishing Eko design series, Kiki Kamaru 'something different' designs, Lanre Da Silva/ Eki Orleans 'butterflies' series, Nkwo 'wide African' themed designs, to Iconic Ivanity beautiful beaded Ankara treasures; the Nigerian fashion designers has this year, sewn magic fused with functionality and called it wearable art.

Mistletoe inspiredMERRY Christmas in advance, people! It's that special time of the year again, where we incorporate the festive feeling and season colours ,into our fashion wardrobe.  Once again, it is time, to go shopping for red, green and white fashion staples, to style up your wardrobe basic, Yay!

As usual the Christmas season is clock full of activities, including the basic, carol eve night, family reunions, musical concerts, cinema outing, numerous xmas parties, end of the year celebrations, and religious activities. It's enough to drive the fashion lover into a frenzy, trying to figure out ensembles for the various occasion, while adhering to the festive spirit in style.

Here are a few Must-haves style staple, arranged in complete simple ensembles,  to ease the your style worries . Consider it a pre-Christmas gift from me to you.

Tip: Tweek the  style ensembles, in whatever way suits you

Trick: One simple way to incorporate  this season festive colours in your style wardrobe is through your shoes. So save yourself some 'style headache' and go vavavoom in your shoes colours.


SHOES are every fashionista best friend, for they can transform your style ensemble, from flash to drab  or grunge to rockstar in a few minutes. Deciding , what shoe is best, with your outfit can be quite tricky, for instance which shoe are in season, which are fashion no-nos and a whole host of other myriad  Achilles heels, that can trip even the most fearless of fashionistas.

This season shoes styles has gotten better, higher, sexier, edgier , funky, and more retro, with our designers from all over the world creating more daring divine heels, platforms, boots, sandals, slippers, pumps, pointy toes et al. Ensuring we look and feel, at our most beautiful and sexy when we step into their divine shoes.  Like everything fashion, there are keys to maximizing the appeal of these shoes, while wearing them with our outfits. Don't know which platforms, boots or sandals are in season now? Here are some of this season best. Enjoy!


SCENT has always captured the essence of Africa and have been one of the most potent weapons in the arsenal of both the continent and her diverse womanhood.

Be it the herbs and spices grown in a kitchen garden for culinary, medicinal or spiritual usage, the blossoms, resins and musks indigenous to particular regions or the roots and leaves within a signature perfume or wafting from a simmering pot, as in ancient times, modern African women know that the power emitted and memories created by our olfactory emanations tell a unique and personal story.

FERON Felix Aaron, a fashion designer from Akwa Ibom State, who recently held a Fashion Show, at his office at 23,Ogundana Drive, off Allen Avenue, is a graduate of Agric. Economics and Extension from the University of Uyo,  with a major talent for fashion and design.

Feron who is fondly called the king of Fashion, say the name isn't a title but an heritage. Feron who has over twenty-five years experience in the business of fashion, started designing from his High school days and had set up a fashion house in Uyo (FERON COUTURE) before relocating to Lagos to found and preside over the fashion Academy Lagos and Nigerian Organization (NFO).

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