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Alibaba: So I think its better we share this money like this.
Bovi: (Na wa o, If I say no them go say which day I start.), Okay!
Seyilaw:(Why you dey worry your self?),It’s okay!
AY:(O’boy! My name no dey there o!) How? What is the sharing formular PDP or ACN?

Aftermath of London must laugh.
JUST in case you missed the London must laugh, comedy show. It was a massive one as Seyilaw went further with the embattled brand. This time it was London laughing.
Ushbebe, funny bone, Eddie Kadi and Kevin J rocked the show but as the London residents laughed all night long to rib cracking jokes from the talented comic acts, It was a case of sadness for Alarm blow, who accused the organizer of stealing his show. “It doesn't matter what he calls the show, Seyilaw with his master AY, stole my concept and are busy making money with it. I did Ghana must laugh but upon coming to Lagos to make Lagos laugh I did a mistake by taking it to AY for partnership, but the matter is with the Copy rights commission now and they have summoned AY. They will pay me for copyright theft”, Blows Alarm Blow.

A mad man at the Aro mental hospital climbed a tree and spent half day on that tree. All of a sudden, he let go of the branch and fell straight to the ground by power by force. A doctor rushed to the scene and asked "what's the matter with you?".... The mad man replied "I RIPE”

1. Beauty Tips by OBJ
2. How to live in peace and unity by Boko Haram
3. The value of family planning by Tuface Idibia
4. How to have a long lasting marriage by Kim Kardashian
5. How to win trophies in football by Arsene Wenger
6. How to conduct a free and fair. election by Maurice Iwu
7. How to write and speak good English by Dr (Mrs.) Patience Jonathan
8. Humility pays by D'banj
9. My love for America by Osama Bin Laden
10. How to enjoy constant electricity supply by PHCN
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AT a Gay wedding, the officiating priest was confused on how to declare the two men as husband and wife...after a long silence, the Priest said' I hereby pronounce you Man United’

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