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1) What is the name of the first Igbo boy that opened shop at Alaba international market (a) Don jazzy (B) Anyim Pius Anyim (c) Gov. Peter Obi

(2) Who addressed herself as a widow while her husband is still alive (a)Dame Patience (B) Turai (c)Stella

(3) Who Strike pass (a) BH Boys (B)Thunder (c) ASUU (d)Patience Dame

(4) You can sharpen cutlass on Banky W's head (a) True (B) false (c) I don't know

(5) What are the names of the two people holding hands when you power-on a Nokia phone (a) Charly Boy and Denrele (B) Ryan Giggs and John Terry

“Mummy, do all angels fly?”

"Yes dear," replied hisum. "Why do you ask?”

"Well, while you were at the saloon today, Daddy called our new house girl an angel. Mum, will she fly too?”

"Yes, dear," replied the boy's mum, "she will fly without wings to her village tomorrow but will never come back.

Short jokes about twins name..

God blessed Software engineer with twins..

But husband wife were confused in choosing their names..

After long discussion, they named them: Copy - Paste!!

There was a 75 year old lady, who neither did love nor got married in her life time.

She has written a note: "My grave stone should be marked with 'Born clean, lived clean and died clean'

When she died, Sculptor read that but was in hurry so he short ended it with: 'Courier Returned as it is'!!

Bridegroom: I was happy with my salary package, but now we are two. Is my package sufficient for you expense and needs?

Bride: Of-course, it is more than enough for me, but what about you?

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